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Make fun popcorn snacks with the grandkids

When hunger strikes and family fun calls for a snack to keep the excitement going, take your kiddos to the kitchen to whip up a... shares burger recipes to elevate your grill game this summer shares burger recipes to elevate your grill game this summer

Grilling season is here! Elevate your grill game this summer with veal burgers to diversify your dinner menu. Much like beef, veal is a nutrient-dense protein. A 3oz. serving of veal has only 170 calories and 27 grams of protein. Check out these veal burger recipes to level up the flavor and nutrition of your grill game!

Smoky Garlic and Cheddar Stuffed Burger
This smoky garlic and cheddar stuffed veal burger was created by our friend Dairy Carrie and the recipe has her secret to juicy, flavor-packed burgers! Top it with your choice of bun and you’ve got a great burger for summer grilling.

Caprese Veal Burger
Caprese veal burgers are delicious and topped with all the favorite flavors of a Caprese salad: mouth-watering balsamic vinegar, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and tomato. This is a great end-of-summer burger, with all the fresh ingredients. Delicious veal delivers a versatile recipe for all to enjoy.

Greek Veal Slider
Enjoy the most delicious little Greek veal sliders filled with savory Greek flavors! These juicy veal burgers are loaded with feta cheese, roasted red peppers, and tasty Greek seasoning. Top with Tzatziki sauce, spinach, cucumbers, and tomatoes for an amazing burger experience.

Veal Mushroom Slider
Veal Mushroom Sliders double as an easy weeknight meal and the perfect go-to party recipe. These little burgers are packed with big flavor – tasty veal and mushroom patties, smoky Gouda cheese topped with succulent sauteed mushrooms. Your guests will be begging for more!

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