Discover the best Fall Festivals in New Jersey

Some of the most incredible 2023 fall festivals are growing right here in the Garden State – from acres of sunflowers to amazing German Oktoberfests. Add some wow to your calendar. Check out 10 New Jersey fall festivals that may be popping up in your neck of the woods, courtesy of

2023 photo winners spotlight strength of older women

Winners of the National Council on Aging's fourth annual photo contest, which this year focused on women, "are a beautiful reminder of how they make our lives and communities richer.”

This fall, older adults should protect their health

(StatePoint) With cold and flu season upon us, it’s time to protect yourself, not only from those seasonal threats, but also from other health...

End the summer with a fresh peach pie

(StatePoint) From the hearty and warm flavors of winter to the bold, rich and bright flavors of summer, herbs and spices are not only...

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New weight loss drugs carry high prices and lots of questions for seniors

By Judith Graham Kaiser Health News Corlee Morris has dieted throughout her adult life. After her weight began climbing in high school, she spent years losing 50 or 100 pounds then gaining it back. Morris, 78, was at her heaviest in her mid-40s, standing 5 feet 10½ inches and weighing 310 pounds. The Pittsburgh resident has had diabetes for...

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The Real Costs of the New Alzheimer’s Drug, Most of Which Will Fall to Taxpayers

The first drug purporting to slow the advance of Alzheimer’s disease is likely to cost the U.S. health care system billions annually even as it remains out of reach for many of the lower-income seniors most likely to suffer from dementia.

Many Americans believe AI will provide their in-home care as they age

Survey: Nearly one third would talk to robots if feeling lonely and almost half would share their medical history with AI.

In older adults, a little excess weight isn’t such a bad thing

Millions of people enter later life carrying an extra 10 to 15 pounds, weight they’ve gained after having children, developing joint problems, becoming less active, or making meals the center of their social lives.

New research: Volunteering late in life may protect the brain

Volunteering in late life is associated with better cognitive function — specifically, better executive function and episodic memory — according to research presented today...

Gov. Murphy signs legislative package to make prescription drugs more affordable for New Jerseyans

As part of the Murphy Administration’s ongoing efforts to advance health care affordability on behalf of the residents of our state, Governor Phil Murphy...

Highly Rated Diets to Support Heart Health

(Family Features) Eating healthy is an important goal for people looking to maintain or improve their physical health, particularly as it relates to the...

The Connection Between Your Heart and Kidneys

While people may think about heart disease and kidney disease as two different health problems, there are many links between them. Kidney disease affects roughly...

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Cardiovascular Disease

Now, more than three years from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the impacts can be seen more clearly. For example, the rise in the...

More older adults use patient portals, but attitudes vary widely

Three-quarters of people age 50-80 use at least one portal, but use and confidence are lower in those with lower incomes or lower levels of physical or mental health

Explore the Disney Treasure cruise ship in 2024

With the debut of new venues and reimagined familiar spaces, Disney Cruise Line's newest ship, the Disney Treasure, will bring captivating stories from beloved Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar and Disney Parks adventures to life like never before. The...