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2 nonprofits join forces to expand in-home primary care for NJ seniors

Parker Health Group, Inc. and Visiting Nurse Association Health Group, Inc. have announced a partnership to launch the Parker Advanced Care Institute at VNAHG, Inc. (PACI).

Over the last three years, Parker has awarded a series of grants to help fund the growth and expansion of VNAHG’s Advanced Care Institute (ACI). Established in 2015, ACI addresses the healthcare needs of homebound high-risk older adults who are often living with multiple chronic health conditions by providing high-quality, compassionate primary medical care in the home.

After working closely together and evaluating the positive impact of the ACI’s services, Parker and VNA Health Group have decided to partner together to further expand its programs and serve more seniors in their homes. Under this partnership, both organizations will share equal membership and leadership of the newly formed Parker Advanced Care Institute at VNAHG, Inc.

“We are incredibly honored to be working with Parker on the new Parker Advanced Care Institute at VNAHG. This partnership is exciting because it’s bringing additional resources to our  homebound older adults, and making sure that they have the care they need to remain in the community, and be comfortable and independent,” said Dr. Steven Landers, MPH, President and CEO of VNA Health Group.

PACI, a non-profit entity, will continue to provide in-home primary medical care through an operating agreement with Visiting Physician Services (VPS) as well as with palliative clinicians working within VNA Health Group of NJ LLC. PACI’s holistic service model includes care coordination, specialty services and support, advanced care planning, in-home palliative care, and medical advocacy. In-home holistic care is a critical service for homebound seniors, and can significantly lower overall medical costs by reducing the need for expensive hospitalizations.

“This is the perfect partnership with an amazing organization to enhance our mission and our vision of providing an exceptional level of compassionate care for more seniors at home,” said Roberto Muñiz, President and CEO of Parker Health Group. “It’s an ideal opportunity for Parker to help expand VNA’s remarkably innovative programs that can make a tremendous difference in how people are cared for in New Jersey, and potentially throughout the country.”

The partnership between Parker and VNAHG will allow both organizations to share a vested interest in the growth and expansion of in-home primary care services. This partnership will allow PACI to continue to develop and support new or improved programming in these critical areas, and to expand these services to more individuals throughout the State.

ACI’s physicians, advanced practice nurses, and physician assistants provide care to over 6,000 patients and provide

nearly 40,000 in-home visits per year. Over the next few years, PACI expects to significantly expand its reach to serve more seniors in the community.

“Two mission-driven organizations – each with more than 100 years of experience caring for our aging population – are joining forces to bring groundbreaking and transformative programs to more seniors in the community, in the comfort of their own homes. It’s truly an exciting collaboration,” said Marguerite K. Schlag, MSN, EdD, RN, Chair of the Board of Trustees for Parker Health Group.

For more information about the Parker Advanced Care Institute at VNAHG, please call 732-571-1000.

About Parker Health Group, Inc.
Parker Health Group, Inc. is a not-for-profit, New Jersey-based aging services organization with 115 years of experience that is committed to empowering older Americans. We are a diverse community of over 1,000 dedicated and passionate employees, caregivers, volunteers, thought leaders, researchers, educators, and partners. Our award-winning standards and approaches have made us a pioneer of inclusive aging services and long-term care residences, and a national thought leader on the conversation around aging in America. Founded in 1907, Parker has been challenging, changing, and expanding the idea of what it means to grow older in America, and how all of us can make aging part of life. For more information, visit

About VNA Health Group, Inc.
Visiting Nurse Association Health Group (VNAHG) is New Jersey’s largest nonprofit visiting nurse association and visiting physician service that helps individuals and families achieve their best level of health and well-being by providing home health, hospice, palliative, and community-based care, and operating private-pay personal care services. A full range of primary care services is available through VNACJ Community Health Centers. VNA Health Group employs more than 2,500 staff members and cares for more than 150,000 people each year. For more information about VNA Health Group, please visit

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