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New Jersey orthopaedic community launches

OrthoNJ, a community of orthopaedic surgeons throughout the state of New Jersey, has launched a new website, The website is designed to provide patients with easy access to information about orthopaedic care locations, orthopaedic conditions, orthopaedic treatment options, and the orthopaedic surgeons and specialists in New Jersey.

“OrthoNJ is a shared vision of over 100 orthopedic surgeons across New Jersey who all have the same goals, beliefs, and vision. That vision is to provide the best orthopedic care possible to the people of New Jersey”, said Dr. Kayiaros, who is part of the University Orthopedic Associates Division of OrthoNJ. Dr. Delfico, who is part of the Ridgewood Orthopedic Group Division of OrthoNJ, added, “Because we’re part of OrthoNJ, we’re given the power to put patients first by giving the doctors the autonomy they need to treat patients. It gives the physician the independence to feel good about what they’re doing, because we know it’s best for our patients’ lives.”

A significant difference with OrthoNJ is that it’s entirely physician-led. That means doctors can make the right decision for the patients, rather than administrators or accountants deciding the patient’s level of care. OrthoNJ allows doctors to make decisions based on outcomes and quality of life.

OrthoNJ’s core values are essential to providing world-class service and care. First, only world-class, time-tested, and proven medical providers are accepted as part of the OrthoNJ family. Second, OrthoNJ divisions prioritize patients having access to their doctors. Our orthopaedic surgeons and professionals are not pressured to hit quotas. That means our patients are seen and heard. Third, OrthoNJ focuses on exceptional outcomes that get patients back to where they want to be. Lastly, OrthoNJ divisions believe in collaboration, not competition. OrthoNJ divisions actively share expertise that genuinely helps the citizens of New Jersey.

OrthoNJ is committed to putting patients first and providing them with the highest quality care. The organization’s mission is to prioritize patient outcomes, access to care, and time spent with patients. OrthoNJ’s new website is an essential step in fulfilling that mission.

Visit to learn more about OrthoNJ and the services it offers.