Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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E-biking is becoming a new favorite activity among older adults 

Has it been a while since you’ve hopped on a bike? With gas prices in New Jersey and around the country hitting all-time highs, electric bikes have become a popular mode of transportation in addition to walking and traditional cycling.

And as e-biking has soared in popularity over the past year, many electric bike shops are opening across the state, including several along the Jersey Shore and other locations that offer scenic areas for bike-riding, like Lambertville, along the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park. In fact, New Jersey is now home to 10 Pedego Electric Bike stores that all offer e-bikes for rental and purchase, as well as bike mechanic service.

And it’s not just younger people hopping on e-bikes. Many older adults are taking them out for a spin.

“Each day, our Pedego store teams help change baby boomer and senior’s lives by helping them discover the joy of electric biking,” says Rich Bastian, owner of 5 Pedego Electric Bike stores on the East Coast, including ones that recently opened in Ocean City and Lambertville, N.J. “We get constant feedback from our new customers that their Pedego is their favorite hobby.  E-biking allows for fun and exploration because it suits all rider abilities and even helps provide safe activity for those recovering from injury or chronic pain. Our riders tell me all the time just how much fun they have and even boast of 50-plus mile rides!  My job is so gratifying because I get to welcome more folks into a new lifestyle activity, one bike at a time.”

“I’ve seen so often that if you can simply get a person on a Pedego, even if they haven’t ridden in 30 years, it is a reawakening of being a kid! They take off down the road immediately with a huge smile,” added Don DiCostanzo, CEO of Pedego. “The Pedego brand is a natural solution for boomers who are wanting to be more active.”

Pedego Ocean City NJ Grand Opening

Taking a bike ride while enjoying a vacation at the beach is a popular activity for many families, so it’s easy to see why e-bike shops have opened in several Jersey Shore towns.

“I have been vacationing on the Jersey shore since I was a child and I love the way the state continues to evolve,” said Pat Bastian, partner of Pedego Ocean City, located at 621A Asbury Ave., Ocean City. “I believe that the shift towards making New Jersey a greener place has begun, and I am excited to be contributing to that shift with Pedego Electric Bikes. Pedego bikes serve a recreational purpose while also being an efficient mode of transportation as they eliminate the need for parking, making them the ideal way for locals and visitors alike to see the Jersey Shore. Electric biking is an innovative way to save money on gas while also preserving the environment; it’s the future.”

Pedego Lambertville store manager Bob Lonsdale

Another Pedego store owned by Bastain also recently opened in Lambertville.

“To me, Pedego is about much more than electric bikes,” said Bob Lonsdale, manager of Pedego Lambertville. “E-biking is no doubt a leisure activity, but I believe that e-bikes provide New Jersey residents with commuting flexibility in and around the city, while also saving money and preserving the environment. Electric is the direction this beautiful state is headed, and I am proud to be contributing to making New Jersey a greener place.”

Pedego Lambertville offers rental bikes perfect for riding the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park, allowing riders to take full advantage of the scenic outdoor spaces in Lambertville. In an effort to even further integrate themselves into the community, the store partnered with the New Hope Celebrates Organization, donating bikes to be used at their annual Pride Ride. Pedego Lambertville is located at 13 North Union Street Lambertville.

To find a Pedego store near you please visit www.pedego.com/dealers.

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