Pop Up Some Fun With Popcorn Snacks

Who doesn’t love popcorn? The next time the grandkids come for a visit, help them learn their way around the kitchen with these simple popcorn treats that they can help you prepare.

What's Popping

Encourage your child to get creative with a recipe like  Pop-a-rific Popcorn Balls. Simple variations like adding food coloring or mixing in candies, nuts or dried fruit, is a colorful way for little ones to build their skills.

Get Creative

Learning how to create and explore is often productive (and fun) when children can get their hands dirty. Popcorn is a perfect canvas for letting kiddos work directly with an array of ingredients.

Peanut Butter  |  Pretzel Rods  Popcorn  |  Sugar Sprinkles  Chocolate Chips

Popcorn Pretzel Sticks

A key component to recipes of all difficulty levels, teaching measurements, is valuable knowledge. Start with the basics like these Simple Popcorn S’mores that call for popcorn and graham crackers to be measured out in cups.

Popcorn  |  Mini Marshmallows Graham Crackers  |  Milk Chocolate

Click the link below for the recipe

Simple Popcorn S'mores

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