Nutritious Recipes for the New Year

Setting out on a mission to eat healthier starts with creating goals and working to achieve them with those you love. To help make nutritious eating more manageable, call together your family and work with one another to create a menu everyone can enjoy while staying on track.

A Nutritious Life

Connecting an array of recipes that all can agree on starts with versatile ingredients like dairy. Gathering at the table with your loved ones while enjoying delicious, nutritious recipes featuring yogurt, cheese and milk can nourish both body and soul.

Nonstick Cooking Spray Cherry Tomatoes | Olive Oil Minced Garlic | Oregano | Salt Ground Black Pepper | Salmon Fillets Crumbled Feta Cheese

Feta Roasted Salmon & Tomatoes


Unsalted Butter | Dill | Oregano Garlic | Lemon Juice | Salt & Pepper Pita Bread | Tomatoes | Red Onion Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts Whole-Milk Yogurt | Cucumber

Grilled Chicken Gyros


Water | Linguine Pasta | Onion Unsalted Butter | Carrots | Tomatoes Sweet Bell Peppers | Garlic Cloves Pasta Water | Lemon Zest | Parmesan Provolone Cheese | Fresh Parsley Salt & Pepper

15-Minute Weeknight Pasta


The key dairy ingredients in these nutritious recipes from Milk Means More provide essential nutrients for a healthy diet. The cheese varieties provide vitamin B12 and the homemade yogurt sauce  provides protein and zinc.

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