New NYC Culinary Marketplace

Opens at Former Fulton Fish Market

The Tin Building is an exciting new culinary destination located at the Seaport on the former site of the Fulton Fish Market. Inspired by NYC's history as a bustling commercial and maritime hub, the marketplace has been meticulously reconstructed and transformed into a multi-sensory culinary journey of global food & beverage experiences.

New Beginnings

The opening of the reconstructed Tin Building at its historic Seaport location marks a major milestone in the revitalization of the Lower Manhattan neighborhood and creates a destination unlike any other in the city.


The Howard Hughes Corporation elected to undertake the extensive process of rebuilding the pier on which the Tin Building sits, including the demolition and reconstruction of the pier structures using new concrete and steel piles beneath the water.


The new Tin Building reflects and pays homage to the Seaport’s storied past. After it was meticulously disassembled and recreated, Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors took direction from the 1920s and 1930s to honor the history of the site, creating a beautiful, utilitarian feel within a contemporary context.


The Tin Building incorporates a wide range of culinary experiences into an authentic NY environment and includes aspects of favorite dining experiences from around the world including a French brasserie, a seafood restaurant, an Asian speakeasy, a breakfast counter, several vegetarian options, a bakery, a coffee shop, and much more.

Culinary Experience

The lighting concept throughout the entire Tin Building, designed by acclaimed lighting design firm L’Observatoire International, further reinforces the marketplace’s historical character and invites a cohesive journey through the building.


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