Harry Potter Exhibit

Franklin Institute, Philadelphia

The all-new Harry Potter exhibition celebrates the iconic moments, characters, settings, and beasts seen in Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts™, and the expanded Wizarding World, including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Now Open

From Page to Screen Showcases an original first edition of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” encased in a Gringotts-inspired vault.

Hogwarts Castle Features an immersive multimedia experience with iconic elements like the Whomping Willow, Dementors, and the Marauder’s Map.

The Great Hall is a projection-mapped space that allows visitors to celebrate magical seasonal moments on its majestic grounds.

Hogwarts Houses sets the foundation for the exhibition experience, allowing guests to experience more personalized moments with the house they select during their preregistration.

Hogwarts Classrooms are filled with iconic props.

Hagrid’s Hut & The Forbidden Forest offers an interactive  Patronus charm experience.

Newt’s Suitcase photo opportunity.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is open daily from 9:30 am–8 pm and requires special timed tickets; advance reservations are strongly recommended. It leaves the Franklin Institute on Sept. 18.

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