Designing Your Garden For Better Mental Health

Gardening is not only a means for beautifying outdoor spaces and growing delicious foods. According to those who spend significant time in the yard, gardening is better for your mental health and can also support your wellbeing.


Studies show that increased outdoor exposure leads to fewer long-term health problems, helping improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, and dexterity—all leading to better mental health.

Health Benefits

Choose calming colors, or those that bring you joy. The simple sight of a breathtaking array of plants or an arrangement of favorite flowers is bound to give your mental health a boost.


Growing your own food will provide you with an incredibly rewarding harvest and you’ll get the personal satisfaction of a job well done.


Among the plants and flowers, add fixtures, such as wind chimes and water features, that’ll produce soothing sounds. You'll also enjoy the light, feathery textures of petals to the rough surfaces of bark or bush stems.

Hearing & Touch

Take the concept of aromatherapy outside by growing fragrant flowers and herbs, so you can literally “stop to smell the roses.”


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