8 Things to Do Before Leaving Home for the Holidays

Each year thousands of Americans go out of town over the holiday season. Being away from home and out of your routine can expose you and your unattended home to theft and other unwelcome incidents. Follow these tips for ultimate home safety.

Out of Town

Let a few trusted people know where you are going and when. They will more than likely text you if they need to reach you, but you should still email the rundown of your travel plans, including departure and arrival dates, flight numbers and times, and a contact number where you’ll be staying.

Share Your Itinerary

Don’t forget to have something done about your mail. If a neighbor can collect it daily, that’s an easy way to keep tabs on your place. Otherwise, simply request that the postal service hold it for you.

Take Care of Deliveries

Nothing screams “No one’s home!” like a driveway heaping with untouched snow. Hire someone to come by and remove the snow and ask a neighbor to pull up and turn around in your driveway from time to time, just to leave tracks.

Don't Forget Snow Removal

What’s the easiest way to deter burglars? Make them doubt that they’re working with an empty house. Invest in a set of timers to switch on lamps at various times. Also, leave a radio tuned to a talk radio station—the sound of voices coming from inside could help deter a burglar.


Find full list in the link below. Keeping these tips in mind before you travel this holiday season will help you, and your home stay safe.

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