Monday, February 6, 2023
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New retirement book, “Retire Like a Shark” becomes Amazon bestseller

Retire Like a Shark,” a new book by Scott Keffer; Kevin Harrington, the original Shark on the Emmy-award winning TV series “Shark Tank;” and 34 of North America’s leading authorities reached the #1 bestseller status on Amazon in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia in multiple categories, including financial services and free enterprise.

“The unprecedented financial and economic uncertainty has caused even the financially successful to struggle to feel confident. Eight-in-ten Americans (82%) indicate that current events have impacted their retirement plans, according to the latest State of Retirement Planning Study. In Canada, CTV News reported that ‘More than three quarters (77%) of Canadians nearing or in early retirement are worried about their finances…'” said international business growth coach and best-selling author, Scott Keffer.

Achieving total control of your money, maintaining financial independence, and securing your personal freedom and security throughout retirement have always been a challenge. The global lockdown, stock market loses, and looming economic recession have highlighted the critical need to have an integrated retirement income and wealth protection plan built on enduring principles.

“Many people who have successfully accumulated wealth don’t fully understand that the principles, skillsets and resources needed to preserve, protect and pass on that wealth are very different from what it took to create the wealth,” said Scott Keffer.

Kevin Harrington is known to millions as an original Shark on ABC TV’s hit series, “Shark Tank.” Scott Keffer is an international business growth coach.

Keffer continues, “This is our second book together. Kevin and I wanted to assemble an all-star cast of advisors who would each share a chapter on how to retire successfully. Readers get tips from 34 of North America’s leading authorities.”

Readers will discover, among other insights:

  • The biggest financial and tax obstacles to protect wealth in retirement
  • The most dangerous retirements myths and how to avoid them
  • How to protect wealth through all three retirements “seasons”
  • How to create tax free income
  • How to avoid one of the worst retirement-income strategies
  • How to make a million in recession
  • How independent women can retire abundantly
  • And much more.

A Kindle version of the book is available on Amazon for $9.99.


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