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CFP professionals tackle decisions women face in retirement in new book

Certified Financial Planner® professionals and colleagues Eleanor Blayney, CFP®, MBA, and Marjorie L. Fox, CFP®, JD address personal finance for senior women in their new book, Women Wise: The Essential Guide to Financial and Lifestyle Decisions as We Age (Amplify Publishing; June 7, 2022). A candid guide, Women Wise helps women navigate their sunset years with confidence, grace, and wisdom.

When it comes to retirement, women often face challenges that are unique to their gender—from living longer, to a higher likelihood of being single, to lower financial literacy, to fewer resources. Eleanor Blayney and Marjorie L. Fox spent their 30-year careers in financial planning, helping their clients plan for the future and earning national recognition. Despite their professional success and expertise, when the time came for their own retirements, they felt unprepared in many ways. Realizing the disadvantages women face, Eleanor and Marjorie decided to combine their professional knowledge with their personal experiences to benefit senior women everywhere.

This joint venture became Women Wise, which tackles complex subjects. Medicare, Social Security, investment strategies, estate planning, and other financial topics receive thorough analysis, while emotional topics like elder abuse and making these uncharted years feel meaningful and joyous are treated with compassion and first-hand advice.

With its practical advice and deeply personal anecdotes, Women Wise has been called a “sincere and thorough guide…helpful to women of all ages” (Kirkus Reviews), a “valuable resource for both financial planners and their female clients” (Alexandra Armstrong, CFP®), and “a constant source of encouragement in one small volume” (Bob Veres, MA). This book is a must-read for women everywhere and “a real eye-opener” (Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA, RICP).

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